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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Not posted in almost a week

Sorry guys! Been so busy with work. But i noticed i'd not posted (and i'd made nothing with google adsense :P) so i thought i'd do a quick update. I've got History COursework and EPQ deadlines in the next week so thats why i've not been posting! Once they're over I can get back to recording/writing little ditties. Alex (who is one day gonna be part of my chart topping band) said we need to start writing stuff together, and he has a point. I come up with all these little ideas but we need to form stuff together so it's actually a band thing. Check my last post though to hear my latest idea. Also, RIP Levon Helm, drummer for The Band. Don't listen to them myself but my mum loves them and she always watched The Last Waltz DVD, so it's pretty sad to hear he's died.


  1. well get it done and then post so we can all enjoy life some more :)

  2. might be a while before anything brand new is recorded, but i'll post an old track now!


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