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Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Music: Khafru

I was listening to my dad's radio show the other night, and he played a song by an artist called KHAFRU. I've never heard of him before - I don't think he's a big name or anything. But his music is really good! I've just been listening to his stuff through my new Sennheiser's that I got for christmas - his stuff sounds great. Influenced by Dubstep, IDM and many other electronic genres, he has an amazing sound. I was impressed when I first heard him, and that was from an iPhone speaker - hearing him through decent speakers has made me like him even more. I currently have his track 'Far Far Away' playing full blast in the new headphones, and i'm just surrounded in this amazing atmospheric music. I'm definitely a fan and I think that any other fans of electronic music will also like it. I'll attach his Dubstep set, and a few other tracks.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The End of the World

So, its 21/12/2012. Potentially, the end of the world. The Apocalypse. The End. It got me thinking.. if this is the last day on earth, what music do I wanna listen to? If this is my last day alive, I can't possibly listen to all my music. So, I've compiled a playlist of 50 songs to listen to before the world ends later on. There's only one song by one artist so it doesn't get too crowded. There's some artists missing that should be in there - but narrowing it down to 50 is harder than it seems! I made sure there's a few genre's in there - Rock from various times, Acoustic, Reggae, Ska. A bit of everything. So here it is - my 50 songs to listen to before the imminent apocalypse.

Note: It may say there's less than 50 for some people, if some of the songs have been played too many times.

New Music: 20/12/12

Father Funk - Get Up
Father Funk is a producer who makes Ghetto Funk, something i'd not heard of until recently, but I love it. Lots of funky sampled basslines, it's real good music. I Saw him DJ at a party recently too, he played some bangers.  It wouldn't let me embed his most recent song, so have this instead. 

Quentins Basement
Quentins Basement are a mates band, now this music isn't brand new but I thought I'd share their EP because its pretty good! I saw em live a month or 2 back at Carpe Diem in leeds and they were ace. Think they're recording some new tunes aswell so there'll be more to listen to soon!

Quentins Basement - Folds EP

Thats it for this week. A great band +  a great DJ/Producer there though. Definitely listen to a few of their tracks if you can, and share them if you like em.

PS: Happy End of the World, maybe.

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Music: 14/12/12

Thursday Night Dub Club - Dub Chemistry:
Some new Dub from a friend of mine, very chilled out stuff. 

Statik - Attack of the Demon Potato Monsters
Statik's new 'Monsterhop' tune. 

Sloppy Joe - Sophisticated Funky Shit
Reworking of the classic Funky Shit by The Prodigy.

3 songs by Musicians I know! This could become a regular thing. I'll pick a few songs by local artists if I like them and share them on here. Share this page or the Soundcloud links if you like any of them!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

'Nirvana Reunion'

In my opinion, this whole Nirvana reunion thing isn't as big a thing as people are saying it is. I mean, ok, it's one of the first times Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear have played together since Nirvana. I don't think its really a Nirvana reunion. I mean, Dave, Krist and Kurt were the band.. but you can't have the band without Kurt Cobain. He was everything Nirvana was about personified. And they didn't even play any Nirvana songs, or anything that even sounded Nirvana-ish. It's great that the guys have played together again, and really impressive that they're working with the last surviving talented Beatle (sorry Ringo). But.. it wasn't a Nirvana reunion. Also.. everyone was going mental at what was happening.. did anyone realise the song was pretty average? Cut Me Some Slack i think it was called. I only caught the end of it so I don't know if they played anything else. But it was just Macca singing to some generic bluesy hard rock kinda stuff that just happened to be played by those guys. What did everyone else think to it? As a MASSIVE Nirvana fan, I'm not particularly impressed.

Happy for Dave Grohl though. Another thing he can add to his list. He's played with members of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age, he was in one of the biggest bands of the 90s and is in one of the biggest bands around today, as well as drumming for countless other bands!

Songs from my Bedroom

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

R.I.P Ravi Shankar

'The Godfather of World Music'


I finally bought a microphone! The Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone. For 185.00, I got this microphone, a pop shield, a shockmount, and XLR cable, a DVD with loads of studio tips on, and a 10 year warranty. They also chucked in a boom mic stand! Can't wait for some of the stuff i'm gonna be able to record with this! Already recorded 2 songs for my flatmate tom - he's written them, performed them and sang them.

Finally got quite a bit of decent equipment, can record a lot of stuff from home now! I've got:

  • a Squier Acoustic Guitar
  • a Squier Classic Vibes Telecaster
  • an M-Audio Axiom-25 MIDI keyboard
  • an M-Audio FastTrack Pro 
  • a legitimate copy of Logic  
  • a Rode NT1-A Microphone
A decent set-up! Expect some acoustic tracks from both me and Mr. Killeen very soon! Leave any feedback on the tracks below!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Eminem to Headline Reading/Leeds Festival

This definitely took me by surprise a little bit! Leeds always seem to leave it a long time before they announce any acts, so to have already announced acts is weird enough for them. But they didn't even announce that they were gonna announce a headliner until the same day! I also think he's pretty good for Leeds Festival.. they've had some good bands but recently they aren't as big.. My Chemical Romance were not headline material in my eyes. Eminems one of the biggest artists on the planet. Now I don't listen to Eminem a lot, but I do like a lot of his songs so I think he'll be a good headliner. People are bitching that he doesn't fit into the festivals scene/genre.. well for one, he played over 10 years ago and apparently he got the crowd going a lot. And tbh, who doesn't like at least one Eminem song? The Real Slim Shady, We Made You, Lose Yourself.. or my personal favourite, Like Toy Soldiers.

So lately he's sold out a bit, done a few poppy tunes.. he's still done some ok stuff. Fast Lane with Bad Meets Evil, No Love with Lil Wayne was ok too. I think he'll be amazing and definitely can't wait to get my ticket. It's got me thinking who else could be headlining though? I definitely didnt expect Eminem, so will they pull another surprise out of the bag? They tend to have a fairly recent band, a classic band, and someone inbetween (This Year was Kasabian who are fairly recent, Foo Fighters who are a little older, then the Cure who are Classic, The Year before was MCR, Pulp and Muse.)
A few bands that I'd love to see headline.. Rage Against the Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim. Other likely bands that could do it that I'm not particularly bothered about.. The Killers, Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons. I've heard Green Day, who would be ok although I wouldn't be too excited. I really wanna see some other bands there like Frank Turner, Enter Shikari, The Skints. There's 3 new stages this year so there's gonna be more music. I Know Nick Cave has a new album out with the Bad Seeds next year.. they could headline one of the smaller stages? What do other people think, who will be the other 2 headliners, and who else do you wanna see at Leeds Festival?

Monday, 10 December 2012

Sunday 9th December - Update

Just an update of whats going on! In regards to my instrumental Deep Forest being vocalled - I know Precinct Phantom has recorded his verse - just waiting on Grand Noble to record his part and it's done! Excited to see how that sounds. Getting my first track vocalled after all this years is a big thing!

Also, I've made a start on lyrics for the acoustic-reggae song! Hopefully get that recorded whenever I buy my microphone. My studio tutor Bhupinder Chaggar  recommended the SE Electronics Z3300A, a condenser microphone. Gonna record a few songs with that before christmas once I've bought it! Unrelated note - Pinder is an extremely talented Tabla player. It's one of the hardest percussion instruments to learn, according to him anyway. Check out a couple of his vids:

There's also a new track from my Dad over at You, The Night, and The Music. It's a cover track but its all produced by him - stream it here:

This week is 'Projects Week' at my college, and I've chosen to do the 'Music for the Moving Image' week. Basically, I'm gonna learn a lot about scoring films and composing music to go with pieces of film, and hopefully produce a 3 minute piece to accompany a film by friday. I'll post that on here and probably write throughout the week about anything interesting I learn!

Not much else to talk about today! Just trying to keep regular with the posts. Hopefully this time in a week, I'll have some new music from myself to post!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thomas McConnell

Just a short post here - stumbled across an artist called Thomas McConnell on another music blog (Rock Revolver), and I really like his music! He sounds very Miles Kane-y, and definitely has a big influence in The Beatles, but I think he has a really great sound. A couple of songs I'd recommend..

This one in particular sounds very Beatles. His voice sounds quite similar to John Lennons, and the harmony/bv's really reminded me of The Beatles. Another good one of his is this one..

Check out the rest of his music on his Soundcloud! - https://soundcloud.com/thomasmcconnell

Monday, 3 December 2012

You, the Night and the Music: Nick Cave: New Album!

You, the Night and the Music: Nick Cave: New Album!: Please please please let this be a return to form!

I'm Alive

Neglected this blog recently - been over 3 months since iv blogged! Just because I've been at Uni - I dont have much spare time. But, now im starting to take my music a bit more seriously, I thought I could try and keep this blog up to date to let people know how things are going, anything i'm working on etc. Maybe just a weekly post on anything I've been up to, or any other interesting music-related stuff! A quick summary of the past 3 months.. I moved to Uni in Leeds and, well, it's been a lot of getting drunk and going out, and a little bit of getting drunk and staying in. Either watching films or playing on the ps2 we've bought. But, I have done actual interesting stuff aswell..

The Skints - Leeds Cockpit, 9th October

I saw one of my favourite bands, The Skints, at Leeds Cockpit. The third time i've seen them live and they were amazing, as always! We missed the first support band, but we caught the second band, The Drop, who were great! Some chilled reggae vibes. Similar music to The Skints really, they were a great opener. Then The Skints played a great set, and ended on Soul For Sale, a song sung solo by drummer Jamie Kyriakides, with just an acoustic guitar. It's actually inspired me to start writing my own song - I took an old power-chord riff I wrote years ago, that was intended to be a pop-punk kinda thing, and transformed it into an acoustic reggae style thing. I've not written any lyrics yet, but hopefully when I get myself a decent microphone, I'll write something and record it to post on here!

I also saw my friends band, Quentins Basement, at a little bar called Carpe Diem near where I live in Leeds. They're good, you should check them out! Apart from that, I've not really been to any gigs! I sold my Vaccines ticket for Doncaster Dome. Oh, I saw Dirty Sanchez live at The Well which was.. well, a sick night, but disgusting aswell. I'm not gonna go into what they are or what they did but if you dont know.. just google it. Rancid are playing literally 2 minute from me, and i'm seriously considering buying a ticket to see them. If I dont, i might just pop down to the venue after and see if I can meet them! Speaking of gigs, I'm also considering going to SubDub to see Iration Steppas soon - I need to take advantage of the great music scene that Leeds has, so I think this is a great place to start!

I completed my first assignment for Leeds College of Music recently aswell - I reworked my old track revenge, using sounds from Logic instead of Reason which I used to use. The updated version is here:

Also, another one of my tracks, 'Deep Forest', is possibly being vocalled by an LA Rapper, Grand Noble. Click here for one of his EP's! It's through a rapper on my course at Uni - he's working on a project with the LA rapper, so I asked if i could get involved. The guy from my college is called Precinct Phantom - you can check out his music here.

Another project I'm working on is with my flatmate - once I've bought this microphone, we're gonna record quite a lot of acoustic music together. I'm going to help him record an EP, and we're gonna record stuff as a duo too. We're working on a cover of Nirvana's 'Something in the Way'. I don't really know what we're gonna do with it, but I've written a few extra melodies on the acoustic, and we've changed the key. If it goes well, I wanna cover a few other songs acoustically and experiment with them a bit. I have a few songs in mind, including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' Henry Lee. I think it's a great song, I wanna see if it'd work with just an acoustic guitar, and i'd maybe add some strings too.

That's about it for me - not much else going in musically! However something relevant to the blog - my Dad has a radio show on the local (to doncaster) radio station! His show's called You, The Night, and The Music. The website for his show is http://www.youthenightandthemusic.com/. It's not all my cup of tea, but he plays a lot of different genres on there! Post Punk, Electronica, Abstract Jazz.. all sorts. He also played one of my tracks on his show recently, which was the first time anything I'd done had been broadcast.

That's pretty much all I have to blog about right now - I have to be up for a lecture in 6 hours so I should probably get some shuteye! Hopefully i'll remain active(ish) on the blog. I've met some great musicians at LCM, so I will certainly share their music on here, and I'll do some kind of weekly update!  Until then, goodbye :)