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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Not much to say..

I don't have much to blog about today! The only musical thing I have done is practice my performance pieces. I'm definitely getting better! Now i'm just having an hour listening to the music channels, chilling out, then i'm going to bed. But I could post you something and write a bit about it.. ok then. I'll showcase some of my remixing work :P Jme and Tempa T - CD is Dead. They released this with an acapella and encouraged people to remix this. There were hundreds that I heard, each taking the song in a different direction. This was around the time Tinie Tempah brought out Pass Out, and I was listening to that a hell of a lot. So i added a Drum n Bass breakdown at the end. I basically wanted to give the song a grittier, darker sound, and I think I achieved it. What do people think? The original is here: Let me know what you think, which you prefer etc. Remember this was one of the first songs I completed!


  1. So since following your blog I have yet been able to access the audio from your soundcloud for whatever reason
    yet daily I have still attempted to play your music
    well today it actually worked and fuck was I missing out
    you talented fuck.

    1. Haha thanks a lot! Glad you like it all!


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