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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Uni Assigments!

Just a short post today - I got some feedback from 2 of my Uni assignments!!

This first was a group project, where we had to get together and record a song in the studio. We had to produce it all, so we were doing all the mic techniques, the patching, the desk work. We did a cover of 'A Message to you Rudy' by The Specials. We got 62/100, which is a 2:1 - not bad!!

The other assignment is the Crimestoppers one that I've talked about a lot on here - where I had to produce 2 30 second long pieces of music in Logic to go along with these Crimestoppers adverts. I got 72/100 - thats a first!! I'm so proud!!

This week i'm concentrating on another assignment - I have a 2000 word essay to be in next monday, and also a Theory and Aural assignment - I've been given a piece of music and I have to transcribe it. Harder than it sounds, trust me!! It's a long and stressful week this week so I probably won't blog this week - and hopefully I'm going home next week which means ill be quite busy then too. So.. i don't know if i'll be blogging for a while!!

ALTHOUGH.. been working on a track with my flatmate. It's nowhere near finished yet, but it's a cover of the XX track 'Angels'. Hoping to get some massive psychadelic guitar solo in there. I'll update on that when its starting to come together a bit.

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