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Friday, 15 February 2013

The Strokes release new song 'All The Time'

The Strokes are back! A new album, 'Comedown Machine', will be released in March, and they've released this new song as a teaser. I'm aware that this is actually the second song The Strokes have released recently, but quite frankly, i didn't think much of it so I didn't share it on here. However, i've barely stopped listening to this. It's awesome.

It sounds just like classic The Strokes. If I was told it was taken from 'Is This It?' I'd believe it. Some may say that sounding the same as an album released over 10 years ago is a bad thing.. but they have released very different music recently, so I'm happy to hear a return to the old sound. I'm sure the album  won't all be the same - the other song they released, 'One Way Trigger', sounds nothing like them! It sounds more like A-ha or something. I'll post it here for people who haven't heard it.

The more I listen to it, the more Strokes-y it sounds. But i really dislike that synth sound! it isn't.. rocky enough. However there was a few good songs on their last album, 'Angles', that strayed away from their traditional sound, 'Machu Pichu' being one of them. It's actually one of my favourites.

I know I haven't been blogging a lot recently but that should change soon, as my assignments are all handed in on monday. I have got a post coming up in the next couple of days with lots of new music to share though! Keep a look out :)

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  1. "..the more Strokes-y it sounds..." I imagine you saying that in a Peter Griffin voice!
    Stop mocking me!!!!


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