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Thursday, 28 February 2013

New Music: 28/02/13

Lots of new tunes today. Got a lot of music I've wanted to share for a while but not really had time to!

Louis Berry
This guy has a sick voice. I love it, it's really gravelly.  Reminds me of someone else but I can't think who. He's like a scouse Jake Bugg - his music is quite folk influenced.


Coat and a Hat
Another folk act here. 2 Lads from my college, they've only just formed but they've posted one song thats sounded really good! The harmonies are great. Definitely for fans on Mumford and Sons, and Simon and Garfunkel.


Sloppy Joe
Joe is a mate of me and my flatmate, and he recently had an interview at LCM to do the same course as me, so I helped him produce a track in my flat last week. This is what we did..

He also has a couple of other tracks on his page. He's done a remix of The Prodigy's Funky Shit which is pretty good. It was a live remix he did on decks, it has a proper hip-hop feel to it.

Sloppy Joe's Soundcloud

Father Funk
I've posted some of his stuff on my blog before, but he has a new EP out so I'll post that on here :) great tracks as always. Funky Basslines, Groovy Drums, and some great guitar + vocal samples. Check out Juggernaut, that's my personal favourite on the EP.

That's it for now. Some great music to listen to though!


  1. When are you going to post some of YOUR music?

  2. I agree.... where's your tuneage?!?

  3. soon! i've got a month off in easter, ill crack out some tunes then!


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