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Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I finally bought a microphone! The Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone. For 185.00, I got this microphone, a pop shield, a shockmount, and XLR cable, a DVD with loads of studio tips on, and a 10 year warranty. They also chucked in a boom mic stand! Can't wait for some of the stuff i'm gonna be able to record with this! Already recorded 2 songs for my flatmate tom - he's written them, performed them and sang them.

Finally got quite a bit of decent equipment, can record a lot of stuff from home now! I've got:

  • a Squier Acoustic Guitar
  • a Squier Classic Vibes Telecaster
  • an M-Audio Axiom-25 MIDI keyboard
  • an M-Audio FastTrack Pro 
  • a legitimate copy of Logic  
  • a Rode NT1-A Microphone
A decent set-up! Expect some acoustic tracks from both me and Mr. Killeen very soon! Leave any feedback on the tracks below!

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