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Friday, 21 December 2012

New Music: 20/12/12

Father Funk - Get Up
Father Funk is a producer who makes Ghetto Funk, something i'd not heard of until recently, but I love it. Lots of funky sampled basslines, it's real good music. I Saw him DJ at a party recently too, he played some bangers.  It wouldn't let me embed his most recent song, so have this instead. 

Quentins Basement
Quentins Basement are a mates band, now this music isn't brand new but I thought I'd share their EP because its pretty good! I saw em live a month or 2 back at Carpe Diem in leeds and they were ace. Think they're recording some new tunes aswell so there'll be more to listen to soon!

Quentins Basement - Folds EP

Thats it for this week. A great band +  a great DJ/Producer there though. Definitely listen to a few of their tracks if you can, and share them if you like em.

PS: Happy End of the World, maybe.

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