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Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Music: Khafru

I was listening to my dad's radio show the other night, and he played a song by an artist called KHAFRU. I've never heard of him before - I don't think he's a big name or anything. But his music is really good! I've just been listening to his stuff through my new Sennheiser's that I got for christmas - his stuff sounds great. Influenced by Dubstep, IDM and many other electronic genres, he has an amazing sound. I was impressed when I first heard him, and that was from an iPhone speaker - hearing him through decent speakers has made me like him even more. I currently have his track 'Far Far Away' playing full blast in the new headphones, and i'm just surrounded in this amazing atmospheric music. I'm definitely a fan and I think that any other fans of electronic music will also like it. I'll attach his Dubstep set, and a few other tracks.


  1. Thanks for your kind words Raven! Truly appreciate you making this post, a lot more tracks in the oven, keep an ear out ;)

    Kind Regards,
    Abhi a.k.a Khafru


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