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Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Music: 19/05/13 - Ska/Punk/Dub Special!

Got some new music that I'd like to share! This post is gonna be dedicated to three great bands who take a lot of influence from Ska, Dub and Punk.

The Beaus
The Beaus are a band I've talked about before. I saw them supporting The Skints at Doncaster Leopard in August last year and they were pretty good. They've got some new music out now!

Everything is Nothing

First is 'Everything is Nothing'. It's the first in a series of songs - theyre planning on releasing one every month till November.  I love this song, its taken over 'In the Red Corner' as my favourite song by them. I love the guitar sound that is ever present in their music - the heavy reverb adds a real eerie feel to the music. Its a proper atmospheric tune, and i've listened to it plenty of times over the past few weeks. They've released another single this month, called 'Laughter and Bang.'

Laughter and Bang

This is a well catchy song - it isn't my favourite, but the repeated chorus line of 'I can't find that place without you' sticks in your head. The organ sound is good too, paired with the relentless hip-hop inspired drums and The Beaus signature reverberated guitar sound, this song is one that you will definitely listen to over and over again. I'm looking forward to the next single in this series because so far, they've been brilliant. They are without a doubt my favourite band from my hometown of Doncaster!


15th July - The Cockpit, Leeds (Tickets available here.)

I first came across Outl4w only a couple of weeks ago. The Skints played 2 shows in leeds - one at Slam Dunk festival, then a late show on the outskirts of leeds in a clup called Musiquarium (you can find my review for this show here.) Outl4w were one of the many bands that supported them, and were probably my favourite band of the night. They've been going for about 10 years which is mental seen as they're only a year or so older than me. Started gigging in 2004 when they were about 10. Their early stuff is a bit different to their most recent EP - sounding similar to bands like Green Day and The Ramones.

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

That's one of their earlier tracks, as you can tell by the video + the sound of the singers voice. If you scour youtube there's plenty of other songs from when they were younger. Since then they've changed style quite a bit - they took a break for a couple of years, the guitarist learnt trumpet and they've obviously been listening to a lot more ska punk as their style is much more alike to this.

Blackpool to Leeds

That's their most recent single, and you can tell how their sound has developed when you compare those 2 tracks. I much prefer their more recent stuff - the horn lines are well catchy.The section in this song at around 2:50 is awesome too - like a lot of ska-punk its great to have a bit of a dance to. It's much more akin to bands such as Rancid and Operation Ivy. I've just bought their Flipside EP and that has 4 great tracks on, plus you can get a free download from their website.


No upcoming gigs.

Counting Coins
I only came across this band this past week, and i've only heard 2 songs at the moment, but I'm loving em so far. Another band I follow on facebook which play similar music (Breadchasers) posted a link to this band. I'd never heard of them but thought that itd be my kinda thing so i gave it a listen, and i wasn't disappointed. They describe themselves as 'Ska-Punk-Gypsy-HipHop From Hull'. Listen to this if you wanna find out what that sounds like..

Blue on Blue

This is their most recent single, and the song that I heard first. The music is brilliant - catchy, lively, bouncy, energetic, with some great instrumental solos, like all good ska-punk. I also love the vocals - the verses are half-rapped, half sung, one verse later on is impressively rapped at twice the speed of the other verse. The chorus is infectious aswell. Counting Coins are a great band, and I can't wait for their upcoming EP so i can hear more music from them. Here's an older song of theirs.

What gives you the Right


8th June - London Summer Sizzler - @ - Cargo
27th June - Lancaster - @ - Lancaster University
28th June - Leeds - @ Santiagos
29th June - London - @ - The Worlds End (Finsbury Park)
19th July - Sheffield - @ - Tramline Festival (@ The Bowery)
3rd August - Hull - @ - Humber Street Sesh
8th August - Blackpool- @ - Rebellion Punk Music Festival
9th August - Boomtown Fair - @ - Chinatown Stage
10th August - Boomtown Fair @ Chai Wallah Stage
14th August - Hull - @ -The New Adelphi Club -with The Dead Pets
16th August - Sunk Island - @ - SunkFest
18th August - Withernsea - @ Summertime Special
23-25th August (TBC) - York -@ - Galtres Festival
12th October - Norwich - @ Venue tbc


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