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Monday, 9 July 2012


I haven't been using this blog at all - and now exams are over, I really wanna start using it more! I know exams have been over for like a month, but I've finally run out of things to do. I can't just sit on FIFA all day without getting bored! But yeah.. i've decided to take up painting. I have never done it before and never really been interested, but while I was bored at home i decided to look under my bed to see if I could find owt to do, and i found these old watercolour sets! got so much paint so I thought i'd give it a go! Here's my first attempt at a painting..

It's the Joker, from the Dark Knight. An amazing film, and one of the best villains in a film ever! Amazing performance by Heath Ledger in it aswell, RIP. But yeah.. I thought i'd attempt painting him and I think it went OK! I added the HAHAHAHAHAs in the background as a tribute to a famous frame from The Killing Joke, arguably the best/most iconic batman comic ever!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately peeps, shall try be more regular!


  1. haha, I like it! Tbh, I wish I could draw :/ haha x

    1. I can't draw at all though, always been sommet i'm bad at! But i've done alright this time.. think i'll try sommet else tonight! Although i might start on a song, i need to build up a portfolio of songs iv recorded haha


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