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Monday, 10 December 2012

Sunday 9th December - Update

Just an update of whats going on! In regards to my instrumental Deep Forest being vocalled - I know Precinct Phantom has recorded his verse - just waiting on Grand Noble to record his part and it's done! Excited to see how that sounds. Getting my first track vocalled after all this years is a big thing!

Also, I've made a start on lyrics for the acoustic-reggae song! Hopefully get that recorded whenever I buy my microphone. My studio tutor Bhupinder Chaggar  recommended the SE Electronics Z3300A, a condenser microphone. Gonna record a few songs with that before christmas once I've bought it! Unrelated note - Pinder is an extremely talented Tabla player. It's one of the hardest percussion instruments to learn, according to him anyway. Check out a couple of his vids:

There's also a new track from my Dad over at You, The Night, and The Music. It's a cover track but its all produced by him - stream it here:

This week is 'Projects Week' at my college, and I've chosen to do the 'Music for the Moving Image' week. Basically, I'm gonna learn a lot about scoring films and composing music to go with pieces of film, and hopefully produce a 3 minute piece to accompany a film by friday. I'll post that on here and probably write throughout the week about anything interesting I learn!

Not much else to talk about today! Just trying to keep regular with the posts. Hopefully this time in a week, I'll have some new music from myself to post!

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