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Monday, 3 December 2012

I'm Alive

Neglected this blog recently - been over 3 months since iv blogged! Just because I've been at Uni - I dont have much spare time. But, now im starting to take my music a bit more seriously, I thought I could try and keep this blog up to date to let people know how things are going, anything i'm working on etc. Maybe just a weekly post on anything I've been up to, or any other interesting music-related stuff! A quick summary of the past 3 months.. I moved to Uni in Leeds and, well, it's been a lot of getting drunk and going out, and a little bit of getting drunk and staying in. Either watching films or playing on the ps2 we've bought. But, I have done actual interesting stuff aswell..

The Skints - Leeds Cockpit, 9th October

I saw one of my favourite bands, The Skints, at Leeds Cockpit. The third time i've seen them live and they were amazing, as always! We missed the first support band, but we caught the second band, The Drop, who were great! Some chilled reggae vibes. Similar music to The Skints really, they were a great opener. Then The Skints played a great set, and ended on Soul For Sale, a song sung solo by drummer Jamie Kyriakides, with just an acoustic guitar. It's actually inspired me to start writing my own song - I took an old power-chord riff I wrote years ago, that was intended to be a pop-punk kinda thing, and transformed it into an acoustic reggae style thing. I've not written any lyrics yet, but hopefully when I get myself a decent microphone, I'll write something and record it to post on here!

I also saw my friends band, Quentins Basement, at a little bar called Carpe Diem near where I live in Leeds. They're good, you should check them out! Apart from that, I've not really been to any gigs! I sold my Vaccines ticket for Doncaster Dome. Oh, I saw Dirty Sanchez live at The Well which was.. well, a sick night, but disgusting aswell. I'm not gonna go into what they are or what they did but if you dont know.. just google it. Rancid are playing literally 2 minute from me, and i'm seriously considering buying a ticket to see them. If I dont, i might just pop down to the venue after and see if I can meet them! Speaking of gigs, I'm also considering going to SubDub to see Iration Steppas soon - I need to take advantage of the great music scene that Leeds has, so I think this is a great place to start!

I completed my first assignment for Leeds College of Music recently aswell - I reworked my old track revenge, using sounds from Logic instead of Reason which I used to use. The updated version is here:

Also, another one of my tracks, 'Deep Forest', is possibly being vocalled by an LA Rapper, Grand Noble. Click here for one of his EP's! It's through a rapper on my course at Uni - he's working on a project with the LA rapper, so I asked if i could get involved. The guy from my college is called Precinct Phantom - you can check out his music here.

Another project I'm working on is with my flatmate - once I've bought this microphone, we're gonna record quite a lot of acoustic music together. I'm going to help him record an EP, and we're gonna record stuff as a duo too. We're working on a cover of Nirvana's 'Something in the Way'. I don't really know what we're gonna do with it, but I've written a few extra melodies on the acoustic, and we've changed the key. If it goes well, I wanna cover a few other songs acoustically and experiment with them a bit. I have a few songs in mind, including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' Henry Lee. I think it's a great song, I wanna see if it'd work with just an acoustic guitar, and i'd maybe add some strings too.

That's about it for me - not much else going in musically! However something relevant to the blog - my Dad has a radio show on the local (to doncaster) radio station! His show's called You, The Night, and The Music. The website for his show is http://www.youthenightandthemusic.com/. It's not all my cup of tea, but he plays a lot of different genres on there! Post Punk, Electronica, Abstract Jazz.. all sorts. He also played one of my tracks on his show recently, which was the first time anything I'd done had been broadcast.

That's pretty much all I have to blog about right now - I have to be up for a lecture in 6 hours so I should probably get some shuteye! Hopefully i'll remain active(ish) on the blog. I've met some great musicians at LCM, so I will certainly share their music on here, and I'll do some kind of weekly update!  Until then, goodbye :)

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  1. Nice post! I like the idea of a weekly update too!


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